Anyone can drive our wagons.

The Colonial Way


Combining modern comforts with old world charm.

Designed by The Colonial Way , these horsedrawn caravans are the ideal way to explore the countryside. With a strong steel chassis, low centre of gravity and unique steering system, they offer excellent stability and safety.

Each wagon features…

  • 5 Berths(one double and 3 single bunks which convert to couch, table and bench seats for day use.)
  • Gas stove including grill (plus all your cooking utensils.)
  • Gas refrigerator.
  • Gas lantern.
  • Crockery, cutlery and glassware.
  • Broom and cleaning materials.
  • Barbecue plate.
  • Bush toilet (portable seat and
    a shovel.)
  • Bush shower.
  • Heaps of storage space.
  • A detailed map of the area.

…plus (for your horse)

  • Horse-proof feed bowl
  • Almost horse-proof buckets
  • Grooming brushes
  • Night rope.

What you need to bring.

  • Linen ( Pillows, sheets, blankets, doonas, or sleeping bags, towels and tea towels).
  • Food (Plan ahead and remember the fresh air often improves the appetite).
  • Personal items and toiletries.
  • Books, cards and/or games.
  • Sensible clothing (comfortable clothing for the outdoors).
  • Solid footwear (for each person, boots are preferable).
  • Folding chairs for adults (children often prefer to sit on the chaff bag).
  • Torch (a gas lantern is provided, but a torch or two is useful. Don't forget spare batteries).
  • Camera (and plenty of film).
  • Cash (There're no ATM's in the bush).
  • Special interest materials (bird/flora/fauna books, fishing gear, metal detector, binoculars, art materials, etc.).
  • Pet food and bedding (If you're bringing a pet with you.

We can also help with…

  • Food. If you're coming from interstate or overseas we can do your food shopping for you and have it ready on your arrival.
  • If you fill up your wagon fridge, we can hold any excess food that needs refrigeration or freezing and bring it out to your wagon as you need it.
  • We can buy fresh bread, milk and any incidental items for you locally and deliver them to you each evening.
  • We are happy to arrange to meet clients who are arriving by train (Bendigo) or coach (Bridgewater on Loddon).
  • Suggestions on places to visit on the way here (or on the way home) to round out your holiday.
Remember 25 years
experience is your guarantee that
your holiday will be enjoyable,
and hassle free.

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